About Us

We are a group of Christian youth. We have chosen to take a stand against the evil and tyrannical forces that be. We defy the woke agenda, we defy the woke mob, we defy the secular, atheistic government, their policies, their actions, and their values. We stand boldly against the modern day Goliath. We will not bow to tyrants and we will not yield to their threats, or punishments. We will bend the knee to Christ and to him alone. By his grace we will remain unbreakable, unshakable and relentless in pursuit of righteousness and justice. 

We will proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ without ceasing, for that is the only way that Canada can be saved.  We have taken up the responsibility of igniting the Canadian youth by awakening them to the corrupt agenda being forced upon them. We are engaging in legal, political, spiritual, and ideological battles against the evil forces. Our objective is to give the required platform and support to the youth who are willing to make a stand. We are a call to action, a rallying point for Christian youth. The torch has been passed to us. It is our duty and obligation to make a stand for what is right. If Christians don’t respond right now, it will be too late.

The Gospel:

The gospel message is taught clearly throughout the Scriptures, the true and living word of God.

What is that message? 

God is just.

God is holy.

God created the universe.

God created man in his image.

Man was created to glorify God.

God loved man.

God gave man free-will, because one cannot have love without free-will.

God gave man a simple set of laws, often referred to as the moral law.

The consequence for breaking these laws is eternal separation from God in Hell. 

Man broke the law. Every man and woman has broken the law. 

Because we have broken the law (every single one of us), we are all sinners in God's sight. Thus, all of us are condemned. A holy God cannot have sinful man in his presence.


The only way sin and its consequences can be paid for is if sinless blood is shed as a sacrifice. And so, 2000 years ago, God the father, sent his son, Jesus Christ (the second member of the triune deity), down to earth. He came to live as a man, and to be tempted as a man. But unlike any man, he was sinless, spotless, and perfect. 

Mankind, sunken in their sin and wickedness, crucified Jesus Christ. Just as was pre-recorded in the old testament prophecy, Jesus Christ died. This was the darkest moment for mankind, but in this frightening moment, we see the brightest light. At that moment, Jesus paid for our sins. Jesus bridged the gap between God and man. He was the perfect mediator. Thats not the end. 3 days later, our Lord and Savior rose from the dead. Triumphing over the bondage of sin, death, and the grave. Jesus Christ declared victory once and for all. His hand is outstretched, his message of salvation is clear… “Repent of your sins, and call on the Lord Jesus to save you”.

To whomever is reading this: In the name of the true and living God, we command you to turn from your sins, and come to the cross of Jesus. Falling contrite at the foot of the cross you will find a love beyond measure, and a miracle greater than we can imagine. For on that old rugged cross hung the sacrificial lamb, the mediator between God and man. His blood availed for us, his blood can avail for you. 

“2000 years later, we still proclaim, every single week, that Jesus Christ of Nazarene is Risen! Kneel before him, now!"

For any questions regarding the gospel, please reach out to us at thegospel@savecanadaarmy.org